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Private Cloud Support for Small Businesses and Organizations

Use open source software to securely collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, slides, projects, task management, customer relations, all while video chatting.
...Without paying so much per user.

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Shrink Your Big Tech Footprint

You might want to minimize your use of big tech platforms because:

  1. We don't know what partners, advertisers, agencies, and algorithms are being fed your private content and usage data

  2. Centralized platforms are constantly targeted for large-scale hacking and data breaches, and your private documents may be stolen even if you have not been targeted

  3. Somewhere within their fine-print, it probably says they own all of your content (or at least a copy of it)

  4. Big tech frequently changes their terms, privacy, censorship, and shadow-banning policies may change over time and disrupt your usage
Reference: Borg

Rockhopper's can help liberate your organization from big tech

* as much as possible

First we will meet to discuss your organization's current and future needs. Together, we will determine what online tools you want to improve your work systems.

Each piece of online software is free, but will need to run from its own server space.

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Initial Server & Software Setup

So you don't need to worry about it, we can set up your new online tools.

Software setup fees include:

  • Working with your team to connect domain or subdomains to your new servers
  • Creating server space and securing to industry best practices (including SSL certificate for https)
  • Installing open source software, configuring, and rebranding it with your organization's logo (as possible)
  • Creating initial batch of user accounts
  • Providing introductory documentation and links to more resources for your team
  • 30 minute meeting to walk your team through your new tools

Server & Software Maintenance

Then, so you can stay focused on doing your work, we will take care of all the periodic maintenance.

Software monthly maintenance fees include:

  • Regular updates, maintenance, and housekeeping of your server and software installations
  • Responsiveness to fix any technical problems with the server or the software
  • Weekly backups of full server for restoration in case of emergency
  • Monthly check-ins to ensure you have the tools you need
  • Ongoing help and coaching with your software solutions

About Morgan Lesko

Founder of Rockhopper Software Designs

Morgan has been writing web-based software since 1999, and been managing full-stack web development since 2005. Since then, he has been passionate about using open source software solutions whenever possible. He has been based in Grantsville, MD since February 2020.

Morgan's Resume

Upgrade With Open Source Software

With proprietary software, a limited number of programmers can check the code. But Rockhopper installs mature open source products that have been constantly improved for many years by countless developers around the world.

The geek crowd collectively vets code for any security holes - or unintended data harvesting - while being motivated to fix such problems.

The users of open source software also have a vested interest in helping each other figure out problems and best ways to get work done. The core protocols which run the internet are all open source.

Rockhopper can set you up with software like...

  • ONLYOFFICE - over 10,000,000 users worldwide
  • Passbolt - used by 15,000 organizations worldwide
  • Mattermost - over 4,000 open source project contributors
  • Jitsi - over 6,000,000 visits per month
  • WordPress - powers 43% of all websites on internet
Reference: Skynet