About Rockhopper Software Designs

Rockhopper was initially founded by Morgan Lesko in 2005, around completing his studies at the University of Maryland. Beyond what school offered, he was already learning to build web-based software with Almanac Software & Consulting.

Towards the end of college, he built a content management system (CMS) to empower a half-dozen small businesses and organizations to edit their own website content. By 2010, the CMS had grown to over 100,000 lines of code, and WordPress had become excellent.

In 2015, Morgan started building Survloop as a system to design complex databases. It then grew into an engine to generate dynamic surveys and reports. And it continued to expand into another full CMS for data-focused websites.

Though installing and maintaining Survloop installations for different projects and teams, Morgan greatly increased his skills of server managment.

With the dramatic increase of reliance on online tools in 2020, Morgan saw the need for more organizations to reduce their big tech footprint. Since then, Rockhopper has also been offering tech support for private clouds.

Tech Support for Private Clouds