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Don't Fallacy Me

Play The Game, Reclaim Your Brain

Select the one clearest logical fallacy in the example, and add your own examples to the crowd-sourced collection.

In 2014, Morgan built a first draft of Don't Fallacy Me. But a big mobile-friendly update is long overdue. Before integrating the first round of feedback from a couple of months of successful promotion, he got distracted with (described below).

Giving this website a big facelift is still on the wish list for 2023-24, and the first steps were already taken to migrate it to run on Survloop.

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Find your pals on the playa (2011-2022)

In 2011, Morgan had never wanted to use any Facebook Apps, but he built one to find out where his friends were camping. He did all the coding for, launching it with a few friends.

Most years, one out of three participants use the app, or 20K-25K per summer. Over nine years, over 100,000 unique Facebook users used the app. This open source project will not be worth layering atop Survloop. But a few years ago, it was upgraded to run atop Laravel.