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Custom Web-Based Software
Powered by Survloop

An open data engine used to create, fill, and share complex databases

All of Rockhopper's main projects are built on top of Survloop, our open source open data engine. The development of Survloop began in 2015 to work on First, it was just to design its complex database, then to prototype the survey, and then to serve entire websites. and Cannabis PowerScore are Survloop's flagship installations, and always pushing the software to its limits. Survloop also runs this little website,, and, those with less overlap of Survloop's most powerful features.

During the 2000s, Rockhopper built another content management system that was designed more for websites filled with written content, not complex databases. Its flagship installation was for Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and ran for a few years.

Survloop is mostly PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS, and built atop the Laravel PHP framework. If provided enough hours in the coming years, Survloop's core also wants to evolve into a self-replicating graphical user interface.

If you value this open data engine, please consider supporting its evolution:

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Bucky Stats: Data Graphs for Co-Pilots of Spaceship Earth

Bucky Stats

Data Graphs for Co-Pilots of Spaceship Earth

In March 2021, Rockhopper introduced Bucky Stats as an independent project. Hopefully, you find some useful insights from these graphs... like radar displays for fellow co-pilots of spaceship earth...

More hubs of open source intelligence (OSINT) should help inform better decisions — both individual and collective. If we think harder together, our world's path can still get lucky.

Until recently, nuances in world data were only accessible to the dominant Grunch of Giants, and data-minded visionaries like Buckminster Fuller. Today, tons of data are a couple of clicks away, with sources referenced at the bottom of every page on Bucky Stats.

You too can embed Bucky Stats graphs on your website or blog!
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Cannabis PowerScore™

The natural resource benchmarking tool trusted by cultivators, governments, utilities and the supply chain

Built for Resource Innovation Institute

Morgan began building the Cannabis PowerScore™ for another small non-profit start-up in 2017. Resource Innovation Institute (RII) "brings together stakeholders to assess resource use in cultivation operations, set industry standards, convene best practices events and advocate for effective policies and incentives that drive conservation."

We are steadily collecting data from cannabis facilities

Rockhopper/Morgan is only responsible for the data-heavy areas of the PowerScore's website. Test out the Survloop-powered grower survey:

Cannabis PowerScore

If you are in the cannabis movement and/or industry, please support this project:

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Prepare, file, and track reports of police conduct because your story is too important to be ignored.

Collaboratively built with Flex Your Rights is an independent project developed by Flex Your Rights, a tiny 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit. It was co-created by Steve Silverman and Morgan Lesko, friends since 2002.

Initially, Morgan helped Flex design a database for six months in 2015. Survloop was built for this seed and kept growing into an open data engine. and Survloop were compelling enough for Morgan to drive meals for Uber Eats — and listen to books on tape — for two years to help carry this project off the ground. It is an inevitable extension of the information revolution.

This website helps you build a transparent record of police misconduct. By sharing your story, you can increase accountability and protect the rights of people in your community. Victims can file complaints against any of the 18,000 police departments in the country, and/or private security firms.

If nobody involved has unresolved criminal charges, they are encouraged to file their complaint with the official investigative agency. Ideally, that civilian oversight agency or internal affairs office accepts complaints by email, and immediately e-files. Otherwise, users must send in their complaints another way.

Users have the option to file anonymously. Or they can opt into full transparency, and after filing their complaint for official investigation, the website publishes their name and the officers' names online. Complicated workflows exist if you have more detailed questions.

After soft-launching in December 2020, we are trying to raise funds and recruit qualified complaint reviewers to keep up with all the complaints being submitted with organic web traffic. Once we're caught up, we will expand the service to include compliments to exemplify good policing.

The federal government does not have statistically useful data from the top-down direction. We hope and expect this project to grow into the national clearinghouse for police misconduct reports, collecting bottom-up data from the source, victims.

We think software like this can significantly help police chiefs sort through the good and bad apples while other community leaders similarly informed by these live data streams.

If you care about policing reform, please consider donating:

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